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Series of Archival Pigment Prints, 22 x 17 inch, 2015

Paternoster unfolds through a range of media- photography, video, and installation. Seemingly broken into bits, the installation creates a multi-layered image space, in which a cyclic elevator system Paternoster serves as a metaphor for serial production and the transformation of knowledge into technology.
The project investigates the nature of the archive more precisely, what an "archive” is in specific historical or spatial constellations.
The gradual infiltration of plants that emerge again and again, like specters from the past, creates inter–penetrations between various media, and raises the tension between archive as a concept and archive as an actual space.

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Single Channel Video Loops, Sound, 2014

The video loops are reminiscent of the communications technologies of the mid 19th Century.
The views from the elevators are intervals, series of isolated fragments, accumulations of likeness that follow a structure that relies on archival logic.
The narratives in Paternoster are digressive, a work in progress that desperately avoids coming to an end. Any arrival is always a new departure; Mis-en-Abyme: Archive